Easter Sunday

Quiet roads
Easy parking
Lunch has been eaten
Brunch has been eaten
And Cake
Have been drunk
And Eaten.

Heavy feet tramp
The muddy leaves
Past the canal
Past the cast away bottles
Past the tossed crisp packets
Past the Tesco’s shopping trolley.
The sun reflects off
These like stars in water.

A ghost
Lurks amongst
The ear.
Of indoor dancing
Outdoor dancing
Summer lawns
Cocktails, flapping laces.

The park is alive
The romanian band
Play at the centre
Couples sit under shade
Tapping their feet
Clapping their hands
Directing the notes
With their fingers.

Sunlight is the stage.
A red heel kicks
A trainer steps
Blonde waves of hair
Tumble through the air.
Watching in a throne,
A baby wiggling his bum
From the comfort of a pram.

– Thank you.
Together, hands on each other
Hands on the pram
They slowly wander along the path
Through the park.
Crowds follow them with
Covered eyes,
And then they too part, quicker.
The music persists
The sun drifts away
The shade stretches across us all.

27/3/16 – Stratford Upon Avon


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