By the loud table seat on the train.

‘A friendly doctor.
That’s all we want
Nice doctors.
Don’t we, eh?

No one can hear me
They’ve all got there effing plugs in’

The trees and houses and fields and wasteyards and train stations and train station carparks and cars parked in train station car parks all raced past.

A litre of water. Innocent smoothie. Drenched. Oasis. Empty – monuments on the table.

The train from cardiff to salisbury
Three-hour journey
Two changes

Opposite me on the table
My friend has his headphones in
Too tired to speak.
My stomach clenches at every jerk.
At peace,
Falling asleep.
Nodding away, drifting, slowly.

‘She closed all the mines.
The rich got richer
The poor got poorer.


Wheres my headphones.

‘What i didn’t realise till recently
Was that columbus wasn’t the first to discover america.
No. It was the vikings.
Thought they were in india.’

I wish i had my headphones.

‘English is 50% french,
If you know english you should be able to speak french.
Because we stole it didn’t we.
Nicked their language’.

We shouldn’t have sat on this table.


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