The knocking in my head. Mother knocks on the door, – go to sleep. The dripping tap. Sweat overflows from the body as when Red wine is poured into glass. A yellow river flows through the creases, Spread like the feathers of a peacock. Lying on a hot beach smothered in sunscreen. Or catching, behind […]

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“Rejected Adresses”

“Rejected Adresses”  The bottles, glasses and light bulbs were all indistinguishable from each other. All shone bright. The woman in the red sequined dress walked on her heels like a tightrope, towards the square red chairs laid out in a right angle formation. Already occupying two of these seats, leaving a space in between, were […]

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A clueless image

He pulled the trigger back Like moving a piece into check. Slapping the air as it dived, The bullet jumped Over Reaching clouds of men. Hammering through the skin like a nail A tiny whole in the hand that, Like a photo frame, was hung up in the air Calling over to his friend for reinforcement.

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Mrs Rochester

Watch through the gloom, my right sole rub One step forward. Watch the left foot, bloodied Trail. I turn. One step forward. Watch the left Foot trail. Turn. Step. trail. TURN. STEP. TRAIL … My neck burns, watching rows of Ants scuttle past leftrightleftrightleftrightleftrightleftright Through locks of black hair draped over my face Like a […]

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Stumbling; I entered – Breaking the water like a child Splashes in a puddle. The tips of my fingers caressed The wooden edge of the door, Along the wall and slapped the light switch on. Illuminated under light, a raging flood. The chandelia stands over them; With eyes sharp as a knife. There – The listless bodies, […]

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Autumnal Cannibalism

  As in a play – the set design, the background; So too this poem, Dali’s masterpiece.    Limp as stone in your room, the handkerchief! Weighed down with grief. Autumn’s green Sun stay, you penetrate my eye. Betrayed. Like film, like ink, like paint; these images Surreal, heeled onto breeze. A kiss shared Poison toungues. The […]

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