The big smoke

Black soot Falls from the Chimney Of my nose; Her ashes Smoked away Like fog Amongst The cities’ Pointed crown. The sky, incomplete ‘gainst the Burning Punctured Soul – the riddled Light.

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A mundane howl

Note: This poem is an experiment, I completely understand that this will not be to everyone’s taste, however i enjoyed creating it. Moreover I encourage anyone who has read this to comment how they feel about it. Thank you. The third section of this poem is a reshaping of Shakespeare’s sonnet 18. 1 Cold pearls from Tiffany’s appeared No one […]

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A romantic vision

Where once Tess made her way to ancient stone And stood as none have ever since Her journey void of car or factory, Of Tower block or supermarket; Where once keats lay upon his summer lawn And listened to the bumble of the bees Around his head and on his parchment Urging lofted verse; Where rows […]

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Tackling the Roman roads

At the edge of the crossing A herd of them stamp past Like raging bulls: stiletto-heeled Wasp-like vespa’s; businessmen In velvet suits, rushing by on Scooters; students passing red On rusty bikes – the rest are caught Stopped still by changing lights. Like a red-eyed deer dazed at night, Vulnerable I cross – a jut […]

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