Drunk dreams

Together, running, we jump the queue behind A small blonde girl. A black cap turned backwards. White adidas trainers. Smoke? He takes it from her without hesitation A deep puff, puncturing a small light in the air Like a torch it won’t go out. Mate, this is herbs. He shoves the whole thing, still lit, […]

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“Rejected Adresses”

“Rejected Adresses”  The bottles, glasses and light bulbs were all indistinguishable from each other. All shone bright. The woman in the red sequined dress walked on her heels like a tightrope, towards the square red chairs laid out in a right angle formation. Already occupying two of these seats, leaving a space in between, were […]

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Above the sea

she stands as a mountain and the clouds drift carelessly past from the window I can watch. the warmth of the fires’ hand floats about my spine whilst the cold smothers her so tall that she cannot see her feet for clouded eyes the mist descends muddied rain running off trickling towards the fall sunsets’ […]

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Restless nights

I lament the naked light That keeps me awake when I think that I’m sleeping Confusion kicked in Feel like I’m dreaming Weariness and blurred eyed Die when I’m breathing. Compulsive reaching out Solitary, dim, over-bearing Blue and hazy coloured light. Restlessly seething with Restraint in wait of the Empty nights relieving.

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