The big smoke

Black soot Falls from the Chimney Of my nose; Her ashes Smoked away Like fog Amongst The cities’ Pointed crown. The sky, incomplete ‘gainst the Burning Punctured Soul – the riddled Light.

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Friday 26th JuneĀ 

Today was a day of extremity Neither sunshine nor rain but mild Roaring thunder thumping against The door and driving through the Mountains. Where coupled swans Swim Against the gushing rapids A broken city shoots up in flames – The conflagration is everywhere: red Yellow and green; pink, purple and blue smoke flood the sky; […]

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The blossoming season

Stumbling in the opal garden – the Soil by my knees, I saw those Petal-like cheeks blooming in the  Summer evening; violet and Crimson flames Burning in the Darkening grace. A dull somber Night approaches – the colour drains; From fading faces the last drips drop,  And at last the closing whisper  Of perfume floats […]

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