A mundane howl

Note: This poem is an experiment, I completely understand that this will not be to everyone’s taste, however i enjoyed creating it. Moreover I encourage anyone who has read this to comment how they feel about it. Thank you. The third section of this poem is a reshaping of Shakespeare’s sonnet 18. 1 Cold pearls from Tiffany’s appeared No one […]

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A romantic vision

Where once Tess made her way to ancient stone And stood as none have ever since Her journey void of car or factory, Of Tower block or supermarket; Where once keats lay upon his summer lawn And listened to the bumble of the bees Around his head and on his parchment Urging lofted verse; Where rows […]

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A stumbling stream of conciousness 

As the smoke descends  The strobe light drops, our Bodies float, hanging  In the thumping air  Pierced with bass.  Low-drum bullets slam Against walls of the  Stumbling dumb and Deafened. Glistening  In the silver moon, the Rows of peaking mountains Or rainforeest trees  Drowning in drops of  Morning dew that lasts Throughtout the day and […]

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Tackling the Roman roads

At the edge of the crossing A herd of them stamp past Like raging bulls: stiletto-heeled Wasp-like vespa’s; businessmen In velvet suits, rushing by on Scooters; students passing red On rusty bikes – the rest are caught Stopped still by changing lights. Like a red-eyed deer dazed at night, Vulnerable I cross – a jut […]

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